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About Us

Since 2008, Merchant Account Consulting has specialized in reducing credit card processing expenses. Our team is composed of consultants who have first-hand experience with industry-leading merchant account providers and financial institutions in the payment card industry. We recognized an opportunity to provide a unique service that would utilize our inside industry experience while working on the merchants behalf, not the other way around.

Merchant Account Consulting supports all of its upfront promises. We are dedicated to getting your business the best rates possible, and to proving our worth with monthly side-by-side comparisons that calculate your actual savings. Merchant Account Consulting thrives on getting you the best possible rates. We only benefit when you save!

Our Guarantee

Our analysts will set you up with the proper system to ensure that your transactions qualify for "best-in-class" rates. We will renegotiate with your current provider to get the best possible pricing: Since there are no industry "standard rates and fees", it can be difficult to say if you are being "overcharged". We know what individual processors' costs are, including fees that are undisclosed, and how much profit they make on each account. This knowledge allows us to negotiate the absolute minimum rates and lower, if not eliminate, your fees.Our cost comparison spreadsheets are populated each month with your current processing volumes and only after we show you the savings, do we send you an invoice.

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