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"Our interests lay entirely in our endeavor to save you money.
In fact, we only benefit after we have accomplished this goal."

– Nicholas Scolamiero, President

Welcome to Merchant Account Consulting

Merchant Account Consulting, LLC specializes in reducing credit card processing expenses, bringing significant savings to business owners.

Our consultants have worked with banks and credit card processing companies, and have intimate knowledge of these companies' operations. Our experience allows us to renegotiate your existing merchant account contract or establish a new one, get you the lowest rate possible, and ensure that you are set up with the right processing system for your business needs.

  • • Lower Your Rates
  • • Eliminate Fees
  • • Save Money
  • • Keep Your Current Processor

We specialize in saving you money. We base our fee on a percentage of the dollar amount you save each month as a result of your renegotiated merchant account contract. This innovative fee structure motivates our consultants to negotiate the best possible terms and protects you from unreasonable costs. If you don’t save, we don’t bill. We only profit by saving you money, and we show you how in monthly comparison statements!

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